GARRA Soccer Academy currently competes in the EDP North Florida League.
We selected to Play in the Florida EDP which allows us to compete against other clubs in the Jacksonville area.

GARRA Soccer Academy is Currently Looking For Players

Throughout the year, our teams are always searching for passionate Jacksonville Florida Soccer Players. During the season, we will only accept for non-affiliated players. If you are looking for a team, we encourage you to inquire directly with the team coach during this time. Players may tryout with a team via our open tryout process.

Garra Soccer Academy is currently searching for PLAYERS with the FOLLOWING BIRTH YEARS.

Open Trials

Jacksonville Youth Soccer Players may be considered at any time for a position on one of our teams. GARRA Soccer Academy is able to hold open trials and invite players to train with our teams at any time to be considered for a position in the club. Please Note: Players affiliated with other clubs, can practice and train, but not Play with GARRA Soccer Academy during the current open season.

In our Open Trials model, players will have the opportunity to train with a GARRA Soccer Academy team and coaches in their specific age group in a normal team training environment for up to 2 weeks (Typically 6 Sessions) .

If there are open roster spots on the team, PLAYERS and PARENTS who are a good fit with our philosophy of DEVELOPMENT FIRST, may be invited to join the team. If the team is full, trialists will be considered again for the team at the start of the new season during our team tryouts in March and April/May.

Please contact Executive Director for more information regarding OPEN TRIALS.